Check out some of the events that took place on this day in history:

2011 Last Space Walk From Discovery

In 2011 astronauts aboard the US Space Shuttle Discovery took their last space walk before the shuttle was retired from service

2002 - Switzerland Joins The UN

It was on March 3, 2002 that Switzerland became a fully fledged member of the United Nations

1945 Churchill Visits Montgomery

It was on this day back in 1945 that Winston Churchill visited Field Marshal Montgomery’s headquarters

1931 Star Spangled Banner Adopted

Back in 1931 the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ became the official National Anthem of the USA


  • 1997 – Camilla Cabello, the pop singer
  • 1957 – Michael Hurst, the British actor
  • 1847 – Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone


  • 2018 – Sir Roger Bannister, the athlete and first man to run the 4 minute mile
  • 1959 – Lou Costello, the US comedian and actor
  • 1953 – James J Jeffries, the US heavyweight boxer