Check out some of the events that took place on this day in history:

2021 Trump Suspended

Donald Trump, the former President of the USA had his account permanently suspended from the social  media platform, Twitter, on this day in 2021

2007 Frist I-Phone Launched

Steve Jobs announced the launch of Apple’s first ‘Smartphone,’ the iPhone on this day in 2007

1972 Miners Strike

The first British miners strike since 1926 started on this day back in 1972

1793 Balloon Flight Success

Jean-Pierre Blanchard made the world’s first successful balloon flight in the USA

1431 Trial Of Joan Of Arc begins

On this day in 1431 the trial against Joan of Arc began.  She was executed on May 30, 1431, exonerated in 1456, and subsequently canonised in 1920.


  • 1993 – Zayn Malik, the singer and former One Direction band member
  • 1992 – Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge
  • 1974 – Kate Moss, the model
  • 1941 – Joan Baez, the American singer, songwriter and political activist
  • 1913 – Richard Nixon, the American politician and President


  • 1873 – Napoleon III, the politician and President of France
  • 1324 – Marco Polo, the Italian explorer